Exploring Preschool Options

3 Ways To Cultivate A Positive Relationship With Your Child’s Day Care Provider

If you send your child to daycare, it is important that you develop a positive relationship with your child's day care providers, as these are the individuals who look after your child every day and attend to their needs. A positive relationship with your child's day care providers will help you stay informed about your child's development and will help you work together as a team in your child's best interests. Read More 

Four Easy Things You Can Do To Help Develop Your Baby’s Intelligence

Every parent would like to see their children do well in school and succeed socially. However, every child is different and will have different strengths and weakness. As a parent, though, you can help to foster your child's intelligence right from birth. It may not ensure that your son or daughter will one day be an honor student, but it will help with primary brain development to give them a better shot at success in the future. Read More 

Think Like A Professor: 5 Short Lessons To Create Effective Business Training

Whether you need to implement a new training program or your current training methods need fixing, think back to your college years for guidance. Several educational strategies, similar to ones taught at places like Academy Canada, that happen to work well in college can help you plan an effective training program. This Is A Marathon, Not A Race Your objective is to train both new and current employees and have them retain information throughout their employment. Read More