Feeling Sleep Deprived Now That You’re A New Parent? 4 Signs You Need To Hire A Pediatric Sleep Consultant

If your baby hasn't quite learned how to sleep on their own, it might be time to bring in a consultant. Some babies automatically learn how to develop their own healthy sleep patterns, while others need a bit of gentle persuasion. Here are four signs that you need the assistance of a professional pediatric sleep consultant.

Sleep Training Didn't Work

If you were prepared for sleep training, but all your efforts failed, it's time to bring in a sleep consultant. Sometimes, a parents individual efforts at sleep training fall short, or a particular component just isn't quite right. If that's happened, a sleep consultant can work through the steps with you. These one-on-one training sessions can provide you with the tools you need to successfully train your baby to sleep through the night.

Your Baby Won't Cooperate

If your baby has simply refused to cooperate with the training program, you may need some outside help. Some baby's simply don't want to have anything to do with schedules, especially those that relate to sleep patterns. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the approach you took; it just means that your baby is going to require an alternative approach to the training. If you've tried everything, but your baby still refuses to adjust to a sleep schedule, it's time for a pediatric sleep consultant.

You've Read All the Books

If you read all the books on sleep training while you were pregnant, but now you can't seem to make heads or tails out of what you learned, let a pediatric sleep consultant help you through the process. It's not uncommon to feel stressed out and overwhelmed after baby comes home from the hospital, especially for first-time parents. One of the benefits of hiring a pediatric sleep consultant, is that they've read all the books too. They can help you understand what you've learned, and provide you with the tools you'll need to put the sleep training method to work.

Lack of Sleep is Affecting the Family

If you're at your wits end due to your baby's lack of sleep, and the rest of the family is feeling the effects as well, it's time to get professional help. When babies are up all night, the entire family can suffer from sleep deprivation. Your pediatric sleep consultant will help you get your baby to develop a healthy sleep routine, which will ensure that the entire family gets a good night sleep.

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